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Words: 2,004
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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Have you ever betrayed someone's confidence? Has anyone ever betrayed you? Write a ficlet on the theme of betrayal. ... Challenge For Week #87

Betrayal...oh what a loaded weapon that was.

There have been a lot of betrayals that I have taken place in in my life. I have both betrayed and been betrayed.

Where do I start?

Betrayals )

Words: 1,872
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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Once, I would have said that my greatest strength was who I am, and what I do.

I'm a warrior, have been born and raised to be the next leader of the Celtic people. I have responsibilities that I have always tried to adhere to. I am a fighter and I have never ran from anything placed in front of me.

I always make sure that the face I show to everybody is one of self-assurance and extreme confidence. I never like anyone knowing that I don't feel sure about something. It's something I have perfected throughout my life. I try to make it seem like my battle instincts and my gifts and abilities that have passed on to me from my parents.

But that's not my strength. That's what seems to give others around me strength, but that is not my greatest strength.

My greatest strength is the tethers of my heart and my soul.

Arthur and Lancelot.

They are my anchor and my balance.

Whenever I feel I am sinking deeply into loss or defeat, a word, a look, a touch from one of them can bring me back to solid ground again. They temper my rage, and curb some of my more self-destructive tendencies.

This has helped me to realize that I am not always the one who needs to run screaming into any fight I can find. I'm not always the one who needs to be on constant alert and shut myself down.

They've helped me find another strength within me. A strength that they are helping me to hone.

My ability to bend and adapt, to let the situation decide what my approach is...

I think my willingness to try to bend and let go of some of the behaviors I have held on to for so long has become my greatest strength.

I'm still me, still Guinevere and the woman that I was raised to be.

But I'm finding out that there is more to me than that.

That is my greatest strength.

Words: 339
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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[{Completely Private; No Muse Can See This}]

What I don't want anyone else to know?

I am so terribly afraid that my relationship with the men I love is a wonderful dream that I am going to wake up from.

See, there times that I am terrified that Arthur and Lancelot don't really need me like I need them.

When we went to Sarmatia to meet Lancelot's parents, there was a sense of fear for both Arthur and I---but for entirely different reasons.

Arthur was terrified that Lancelot was going to stay in Sarmatia and he was going to lose him. He was almost fully convinced that Lancelot was going to choose his family over him. I watched the worry that went through Arthur's eyes when he was called back to Briton. That night we all three spent together, I knew that Arthur was afraid that was going to be our last night together. The relief in his eyes when he found out that Lancelot had returned to me was indeed a powerful sight.

I never told them both how I afraid I was that if I lost one, I was going to lose the other.

I always make sure that the face I show to everybody is one of self-assurance and extreme confidence. I never like anyone knowing that I don't feel sure about something. It's something I have perfected throughout my life.

I don't want anyone to know that I am not the confident warrior that I make sure they see. They need me to be the strong warrior. It is the woman they want around them.

So how can I let them see that when it comes to the way I feel for them, I'm not as confident about my place in their lives as I pretend to be?

How can I admit to them that I am afraid that if anything comes between them I lose them both?

How can I let them see that I am so bloody terrified of losing what we have that it can drive me crazy sometimes?

It's simple.

I never let them know of my fear.

Words: 351
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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My favourite time of day is definitely the night.

Everyone starts winding down and relaxing and there is a lot of drinking and singing and the worries of the day seem to melt away.

When the night settles around us, I can be with Arthur and Lancelot. We can be alone, just with each other. The three of us can hold each other and just be together. I can curl up with them and we can talk and relax. I can hold them both and talk to them. I can soothe away the stress of the day and let them just be who they are.

They don't have to be on guard. They don't have to worry about keeping the kingdom together or about protecting the garrison from attack.

At night, they're just the men I love deeply. At night, they're mine and I don't have to share them with the rest of the country.

Words: 155
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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The place I grew up was in the free forests of Briton. The trees were large and the rivers flowed wildly. It was a wild, beautiful place. Anything I ever wanted, the forest would provide. My father taught me to respect the creatures of the forest and to listen to them.

I learned how to hunt and track and ride in that forest. I learned many things by just listening to the forest around me. It was my sanctuary, my touchstone.

Then, the Romans kidnapped me and put me in their prison.

I don't know how long I was there for, but I do remember missing the feel of the forest around me. I missed the scent of the night wind and the voices of the creatures singing to me.

It cut deeply into me that I was locked away from the land that had raised me and had taught me so much.

When Arthur and Lancelot rescued me and I again felt the land and the forest reaching out to me, that's when I started to live again.

Words: 179
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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The first time I saw the Sarmatian knights, I was a young child, just beginning to learn the ways of the forest. I was learning how to track when I came upon an encampment.

It was full of boys that most couldn't be much older than me. They looked scared and upset. They also looked like they were dreadfully unhappy and out of place.

When I asked my father about them later on that night, he explained to me about the Romans and how they took young Sarmatians from their home and forced them to fight for Rome. They were from a line of elite fighters and they were hard to defeat.

This bothered me for a very long time. I didn't like the idea that these young men were being taken unwillingly from their homes and being forced to fight for another country that wasn't theirs.

Those faces stayed with me for a long time after that day. Some of them I ended up fighting many years later.

One of those young men grew up to become someone I fell in love with.

Words: 184
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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I never went looking for a romantic partner. The moment that I laid eyes on Lancelot, my heart was lost. Then, to my confusion, I also fell in love with Arthur.

Now, all of this happened long before they rescued me from the hell that was Marius' dungeon of the evil priests. Arthur rescuing me just cemented the feelings I had for him and his first officer.

What attracted me to them in the first place? I'm not sure and I never had to think about it. I just went with my heart and was relieved when they admitted to feeling the same way for me.

I loved the fact that Arthur was a dreamer. He has a dream of a better tomorrow for all of his people. No matter how many adversities he goes through from day to day, he still holds to that dream. He believes that the people of Briton can be a united people. He is a steadfast and loyal man who holds tight to his values and his beliefs.

Lancelot has the practicality that is often lacking in people around here nowadays. He is also very loyal. Lancelot is incredibly loyal to the people that he cares about. However, he is not blind in that loyalty. He will stick by your side, but he will definitely tell you if he thinks you are making a mistake or being foolhardy.

Both men are handsome and their eyes always light up when they see me. They let me be me, but are always there to lend me their strength if I need it. They are honest men and they are not known to tell an untruth. Honesty is very important to both of them.

They are both very important to me.

I never went looking for these two wonderful men. I just found them. I like the fact that they allow me to be myself and do not attempt to put me on a pedestal or make me try to be something I am not. They accept that I am a warrior, and even though there are times they really would feel better if I stayed where it was safe, they do have faith in my abilities and my skills. They trust me enough to send me on scouting missions or let me lead my warriors into a battlefield. They trust in me and I trust in them.

The three of us work as a team in so many areas of our lives and to me, they are my perfect romantic partners.

Words: 425
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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Greatest obstacle?

Let's see...I'm a Celt. I'm a female warrior leader. I'm in love with a Sarmatian knight and our half-Roman king. I know sorcery.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that I'm the only child of Merlin and destined to follow in his footsteps as the mystical warrior leader of our people?

As you can see, I am no stranger to obstacles in my life. I have faced challenges and obstacles because of who I am for far longer than I can remember.

Yet, you still want to know what the biggest obstacle I have ever had to overcome in my life was? Fine.


Happy now?

I had to overcome that particular obstacle not once but twice. Yes, twice.

The first time was when I had to choose between Merlin and Gerard. He challenged my father for the leadership of our people and he lost. He wanted me to leave the village with him. I had to make a choice---between my father and the man who claimed to love me. He loved me, I have no doubt about that. However, I think he loved power more.

I chose my father and Gerard was banished.

Some months ago, Gerard reappeared in my life in a very violent way.

*Guinevere touches the scar at her throat and her hands shake slightly with the memory of everything that had happened. She closes her eyes for a few moments to regain her composure.*

He attacked us. He kissed me when I went to plead with him to forget the madness he was plotting. He kidnapped Lancelot. Caused distrust, hurt and distance between Arthur and I. He tortured Lancelot and used him as bait to lure Arthur into his deadly trap. He would have killed both Arthur and Lancelot. I could not allow that to happen. Arthur was our king and the best thing that could have happened to Briton. Lancelot and Arthur balance me out and keep parts of me under control. They give me peace and they complete me. I could not allow them to be killed. I loved them too much to let them die if I could in anyway prevent it. They were too important to me, I would rather have died than been left without my heart and soul.

I didn't even think about it. I just knew that I could never live in a world without Arthur and Lancelot in it.

So, I challenged Gerard to a death match, and I killed him---thus saving the lives of the two men that I couldn't live without.

However, his dying words will forever haunt me, I think. I know he meant every word he told me in those final moments as his blood flowed.

Gerard was --- and may still be --- my greatest obstacle.

Word Count: 473
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom:"King Arthur"; Misc Movies and Mythologies
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Blue: Write a ficlet inspired by the word blue. It might be a color, it might be a mood, it might be the name of your favorite hound dog from when you were 10. Whatever! Use your imagination. ... Challenge For Week #78

Blue was an important color in Guinevere's life.

She had been told that her mother had had eyes the color of the midday sky. She rather liked that image. She didn't remember much about her mother, but Merlin talked about her a lot and it was her eyes that he seemed to mention more than anything else.

Blue was the color she had been surrounded by all of her life. The blue sky, the blue water in the lakes...the paint of her people before going into battle.

As soothing as blue could be, she knew that it could also be an angry, dangerous color.

Before going into battle, her people would paint themselves up with blue paint and mark themselves with the different symbols of the people. Some of the symbols were to the gods of her people and they were believed to bring protection and success in battle.

Then she met the Sarmatian knights...and she fell in love with Arthur and Lancelot.

Suddenly, the sight of her warriors painting themselves blue no longer filled her with joy and celebration.

Until the peace between her people and Arthur, the sight of her warriors painted up in blue filled her with sadness and distress. Not just because they would be defeated by the Sarmatian knights, but also because Lancelot or Arthur might get hurt by one of them.

Now, the sight of the warriors painting themselves in blue once again filled her with fire and the song of a warrior. Now, the warriors fought for Arthur.

Word Count: 257
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom:"King Arthur"; Misc Movies and Mythologies
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When in my life have I felt the most alone?

I bet you think I'm going to say when I was imprisoned by Marius and tortured...but that was nothing compared to how utterly alone I felt at one other, more important time.

The time that felt completely and utterly alone? It was the time after Lancelot had been taken by Gerard.

We thought that Lancelot was dead and Arthur and I were comforting each other. Then he left to take care of some things. When he came back...his whole demeanor had changed. He was acting strange and then told me he knew Lancelot was alive and that he was going to rescue him. I started to follow and he ordered me to stay behind. I didn't understand why he was acting like this. He knew I was one of his best warriors. He needed me with him, it was a trap and we both knew it.

Then I found out why he was giving me orders.

Arthur didn't trust me.

He had found out about the second meeting with Gerard and how Gerard had kissed me. Of course, whomever told him about that had neglected to tell Arthur that I had pulled away and that it had been Gerard that initiated the kiss. Because of this, Arthur was suspicious of me. After all, it was after we had worked up the plan to lure out Gerard that I had been seen outside the walls with him. Arthur thought the unthinkable.

He thought that I had been the reason Lancelot had been kidnapped. He blamed me and he didn't trust me.

I was devastated, but I wasn't about to let Arthur be trapped in another game of Gerard's. So, I collected warriors frm my tribe and I showed up at Gerard's encampment.

In order to prove my loyalty and innocence...and in order to save the two men I loved more than anything, I challenged Gerard to a death duel. One of us had to kill the other. If I won, Arthur and Lancelot would be free to go.

On that battleground, I felt more alone than I ever had in my life. Lancelot was unconscious and Arthur believed the worst about me. In my eyes, I had nothing but their freedom and safety to live for...whether I would ever again be with them or not.

I was facing down my death that day, and I was totally and completely alone. There was no one who could help me then. No one was allowed to interfere. With every wound I sustained and every blow I took, I was reminded that I had caused my husband to lose trust in me. When Gerard knocked me to the ground that last time and stood over me, I knew I was going to die. I was alone with just him and that's how I was going to die. There was no one there to hold me as my life's blood drained away.

I had never ever felt more alone than I had in that moment.

Word Count: 509
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom:"King Arthur"; Misc Movies and Mythologies
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Heart's Desire: Think about something you once wanted so badly but never acquired. Write about how you think your life would’ve been different if you had received what your heart desired. ... Challenge #77

Heart's desire?

It wasn't until I met Arthur and Lancelot that I realized I was missing out on anything. I was the best warrior in my tribe and I was the first woman of my people. I was responsible for their welfare, safety and comfort.

Then, I was kidnapped and imprisoned by Marius. For the longest time my main desire was my freedom.

That's when Arthur and his knights arrived and I was suddenly free...

...physically anyway.

I had known of Arthur and his knights for years. All Celts or Woads in the country knew of them. Most of us had engaged them in combat on more than one occassion.

I had been in love with Arthur and with Lancelot for a very long time. When they rescued me and I started spending a great deal of time with the knights, my feelings for both men deepened. I didn't know what was going to happen with all of this. Part of me wanted to just disappear...the other part of me wanted to stay and make them love me as much as I loved them.

I don't think Lancelot liked me very much at that time. As I was developing deepening feelings for both men, Lancelot and I were doing a lot of fighting and being at each other's throats.

It hurt me deeply and I know our fighting had a painful effect on Arthur.

At some point, we stopped fighting and did a lot more laughing. The three of us were becoming a deeply connected unit.

Then came Badon Hill.

I already knew I was going to die that day. I had seen it in my visions and in my dreams. My father had seen it as well. I went into that battle accepting that I wasn't going to survive.

I was prepared to face my death and meet my ancestors when Cynric and I started clashing. I saw my blood on his hands and my death in his eyes. Everything I had seen previously in my visions started to happen just as I had seen them...except for one thing.


I didn't even see him approach me --- hadn't realized that he had even seen what was going on. I was flat on my back watching Cynric's sword come down at me. Then I heard the clanging of metal and looked up to see a very angry-looking Lancelot blocking the Saxon's sword from coming into my throat.

This was completely different than what I had seen in my visions...and when I saw Lancelot fall with that crossbow bolt in his chest, I felt my world rip apart around me. I didn't care that I was on my knees in the bloody ground while the battle raged around us. All I cared about was holding his beloved head up off the ground and begging him not to leave us.

Arthur and I spent a great deal of our time sitting at his bedside. We refused to leave him until we knew he was going to come back to us.

During that time I swore to whatever gods were listening that if they gave him back to us, I would spend the rest of my life loving him and Arthur and doing my best to keep them safe. I even offered the gods my life in return. The gods didn't take my life, but they did give Lancelot back to us.

I have my heart's desire.

I have Arthur and Lancelot alive and with me. I love them and they love me. I couldn't imagine my life without them to share it with me.

I have no desire for anything else but their love.

Word Count: 616
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom:"King Arthur"; Misc Movies and Mythologies
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I feel pride in my country and the deeds of her children every day. I watch what we are accomplishing and I don't think I could get any more proud.

But you want to know when I personally felt the most proud of myself?

I don't know if I should answer this completely truthfully as it could cause pain to those I care a great deal about.


The moment I felt the most proud of myself was when I defied Arthur and followed him to Gerard's hide-out. I defied him and would have done anything to help him and Lancelot get away from Gerard and the Saxons.

So, I did what I had to do. I jumped down between him and Gerard. I looked into Gerard's eyes --- I didn't dare look at Arthur or Lancelot at that moment --- and offered to exchange my life for theirs. Arthur didn't protest my actions...not sure if that would have changed my mind or not. However, as he was holding up a very wounded Lancelot, he was in a bit of a state of shock and I gave him no chance to stop me..

The fight wasn't a beautiful dance or anything like that. It was deadly and it was bloody. I hated what I was doing, but I also knew I had to. For Lancelot and for Arthur, I would take on an entire army of Saxons to protect them if I had to.

In the end, I shoved that hateful crossbow bolt (yes, the one that almost took Lancelot from us at Badon Hill) into Gerard's heart and I held him as his blood flowed out and he said things to me that I cannot repeat at this time.

We both collapsed and then he died, laying on top of me in the dirt. I was too wounded to move and was quite certain that I was going to die.

I didn't, though. Merlin and the Healers helped to keep me firmly in the land of the living.

So there you have it, just what you wanted.

I was the most proud when I didn't die when I offered to exchange my life for Arthur and Lancelot's lives.

I think managing to live through all of that is indeed a great deal to be proud of.

Word Count: 388
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom:"King Arthur"; Misc Movies and Mythologies
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If you could meet any famous personality, living or dead, and smack them in the head with a large trout, who would it be? ... Challenge for Week #75

Although there are better things that I could think of to do with a large fish...

Who would I like to beat up with a large fish? The person who ever came up with the ridiculous notion that in order to be a lady you had to wear all sorts of stupid things that they call "proper".

Who thought of some of these weird ideas and creations?

Long flowing dresses with cumbersome trails of material --- while I'm sure are very pretty --- are quite impractical for doing battle in.

How am I supposed to engage an enemy in battle if I am constantly worried about tripping over my dress, or worse! That much material is asking to be used as a weapon against you.

And those head things that they sometimes think you should wear! The next person that comes through Briton and tells me that it's what a "proper" queen would wear will get a sword through their gut.

I am not proper! I don't want to be proper! I am Guinevere. I am the Queen of Briton and I'll be damned if I'll dress up in anything that makes me look like I am incapable of doing anything for my country. A Queen should always be ready for anything...and that is almost impossible when wearing something like that. No wonder other countries have problems with women and queens being kidnapped. If they're wearing so much material that they cannot defend themselves then it serves their men right.

Tell you get Gawain or Dagonet or Bors to wear something like that, and I'll consider wearing the same thing.

Until then, show me the man who came up with these ideas on what a woman is supposed to do so I can proceed to beat him in the head and face with a very large trout.

Word Count: 310
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom:"King Arthur"; Misc Movies and Mythologies
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That depends on the situation.

I love my bow because I can take someone down from a good distance. It is my preferred weapon for the most part. It can help to take down an enemy before they even know I'm there.

However, if I must do close fighting and hand to hand combat, then I like my short sword or one of my hatchets.

Either choice gets the job done.

Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: Misc. Movies; "King Arthur"
Words: 71


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