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There were those that say I shouldn't have done it, that I wasn't yet healed enough for such a thing, but at the time, I truly felt that I had no choice. There was no reason I could fathom that I could not ride into that battle. Both Arthur and Lancelot would be fighting... and thus, I felt that I had to fight as well. This is my land, this is my blood. How could I not fight to defend her?

If the two men I loved were going to fight for a land not of their own, I must also fight.

Oh, I know very well that the invaders would not see me and mine as too much of a threat as we were women. Arthur and his knights could have attested to them that it is not a person's gender that makes them a warrior or not. It is the spirit that they hold inside. It is the determination to stand strong for what they love and what they believe in. It is their prowess and skill with their chosen weapon.

My father did not try to stop me from leading my fighters into battle. The land sings in my blood and then the battle song also raged through it. Merlin understand what it is that drives me in those times even as he sometimes wishes that it were not so.

I truly thought that I was going to die that day. I was wounded and staring up into the face of the man who would send me to meet my ancestors. I saw my death shining in that bastard's eyes and despair at everything that I would never do seemed to rush through me in that moment. I did not want to die. I wanted to be able to see Arthur and Lancelot again. I wanted to be able to hold them and tell them everything within my heart and my soul. I wanted to walk once more along the banks of the rivers and lakes with my father and learn more about the power that flows through us and be prepared to lead our people.

The sword came at me and there was no way that I could have avoided the killing blow.

Then, right as I was sure that his sword was going to pierce my chest, I heard the clang of metal on metal and saw that another sword rested upon my chest, blocking the attacker's strike. I followed the blade of that second sword until I locked eyes with Lancelot. The anger in his eyes is something that I will not soon forget.

Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: King Arthur
Words: 441
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It's hard to write about my parents because I have very few memories of my mother. She died in battle with the Romans when I was very young. My father loved her deeply and apparently many of the People adored her. I am told that she had hair the colour of the evening sun and eyes the colour of the seas of Briton.They tell me she was brave and magical and very, very fierce when she was fighting for something she felt very strongly about. My father says that I look and act just like her.

Of course, others of the Tribes say that I am the perfect blend of both my father and my mother.

My father...

Ah, now he is someone that I could probably spend hours upon hours writing about.

My father is Merlin. He is a mystic and one of the most powerful leaders of the People. He is both wise man and warrior. He sees things that no one else does and is often the only one that can stay the weapons of our warriors. He is stubborn and obstinate when he decides to be, but he is indeed one of the wisest men that I have ever known.

Merlin and I have been known to bang heads on more than one occassion and it was through him that I first heard the tales of Arthur and his men. I did not really believe in the tales at first because to me they seemed spun of impossibilities. However, my father believed and that led to my own belief.

It was also my father that first spoke to me of my "destiny" where Briton and Arthur and Lancelot were concerned.

That would be the first time I hotly contested my father on what he had seen and what he was telling me my future held. No woman wants to be told that their future has been written for them -- even if it is by her respected and well-loved father.

Merlin is a powerful man and a loving father and he has taught me more than I can ever think to thank him for.

Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: King Arthur
Words: 359
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Guinevere had many thoughts of "What If" in her life these days.

What If...

She had never went too far away from the camp that day? She had been caught up in a fit of anger at both her father and the other elders who kept hounding her about her destiny and her duty to her people. If she hadn't got off in anger to hunt and spy, would she have still gotten captured by the Romans at some point?

What If...

She had never been captured by Marcus and fought him so defiantly? Would she still have been there on that day when Arthur and his men came through that area? If she had not been taken, would she have still crossed paths with them and find that their destinies were indeed as intermingled as she had been told by the elders?

What If...

The Saxons had never come and the battle for Badon Hill had never taken place? How many things would have turned out so very different -- well, besides the most obvious? Would Arthur and his men still have stayed if there was no threat to the people of Briton? Would they have just left as soon as they wanted to?

What If...

What If.

Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: King Arthur
Words: 209
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Talking Muses Prompt 15 D : "We take a walk, the sun is shining down, burns my feet as they touch the ground." - The Beatles, Good Day Sunshine (song)

She swung down from the trees and landed on the grass with a soft thud. Stretching her back, she retrieved her weaponry and then looked around carefully. This wasn't a normal raiding party. It was merely a scouting mission. Her father wouldn't have let her go on a raiding mission, he still thought she was too young.

Shaking her head, she secured her bow and tied her dagger before she started creeping through the undergrowth of the forest. New Roman soldiers had been spotted in the West and it was her group's job to observe them and see what they were doing. If they deduced that there was danger, then the Council Of Elders would have to be convened and decisions made.

She hoped that it wouldn't come to anything like that. When too much blood was shed, she could feel that the land was unhappy and would get sad about it. When the land was sad, so was she.

As they walked further through the trees, the forest got denser and she could no longer see the sun making patterns through the leaves. She sighed and looked at the other members of her group.

"I hear them," she said in a very quiet voice. "There are so many."

Baird nodded. "They are enough to light a fire through the Elders that could cause the burning away of everything we have ever known."

Guinevere crouched close to the ground as she peered through the leaves at the new army that had arrived on their shores.

This was guaranteed not to be good.

Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: King Arthur
Words: 266


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