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Once, I would have said that my greatest strength was who I am, and what I do.

I'm a warrior, have been born and raised to be the next leader of the Celtic people. I have responsibilities that I have always tried to adhere to. I am a fighter and I have never ran from anything placed in front of me.

I always make sure that the face I show to everybody is one of self-assurance and extreme confidence. I never like anyone knowing that I don't feel sure about something. It's something I have perfected throughout my life. I try to make it seem like my battle instincts and my gifts and abilities that have passed on to me from my parents.

But that's not my strength. That's what seems to give others around me strength, but that is not my greatest strength.

My greatest strength is the tethers of my heart and my soul.

Arthur and Lancelot.

They are my anchor and my balance.

Whenever I feel I am sinking deeply into loss or defeat, a word, a look, a touch from one of them can bring me back to solid ground again. They temper my rage, and curb some of my more self-destructive tendencies.

This has helped me to realize that I am not always the one who needs to run screaming into any fight I can find. I'm not always the one who needs to be on constant alert and shut myself down.

They've helped me find another strength within me. A strength that they are helping me to hone.

My ability to bend and adapt, to let the situation decide what my approach is...

I think my willingness to try to bend and let go of some of the behaviors I have held on to for so long has become my greatest strength.

I'm still me, still Guinevere and the woman that I was raised to be.

But I'm finding out that there is more to me than that.

That is my greatest strength.

Words: 339
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies
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