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Guinevere was overseeing the preperations that she had hammered into the maids and other servants.

This dinner was to be something special for Lancelot and Arthur. It was going to be a special night for the three of them. The squires had firm instructions not to bother them unless it was absolutely necessary. They needed time alone together after everything that had happened. They needed a breather.

She had ordered fresh linens put on the huge bed and the wood of the table had been polished to a fine shine. There were so many different dishes of food that Guinevere didn't know how the cooks had managed it all. There were three place settings and plenty of wine and ale.

She had changed into a dress of burgundy that fell into soft waves at her feet and her hair was neatly braided.

After she was positive that everything was ready, Guinevere sat down to wait for the men she loved.
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I never went looking for a romantic partner. The moment that I laid eyes on Lancelot, my heart was lost. Then, to my confusion, I also fell in love with Arthur.

Now, all of this happened long before they rescued me from the hell that was Marius' dungeon of the evil priests. Arthur rescuing me just cemented the feelings I had for him and his first officer.

What attracted me to them in the first place? I'm not sure and I never had to think about it. I just went with my heart and was relieved when they admitted to feeling the same way for me.

I loved the fact that Arthur was a dreamer. He has a dream of a better tomorrow for all of his people. No matter how many adversities he goes through from day to day, he still holds to that dream. He believes that the people of Briton can be a united people. He is a steadfast and loyal man who holds tight to his values and his beliefs.

Lancelot has the practicality that is often lacking in people around here nowadays. He is also very loyal. Lancelot is incredibly loyal to the people that he cares about. However, he is not blind in that loyalty. He will stick by your side, but he will definitely tell you if he thinks you are making a mistake or being foolhardy.

Both men are handsome and their eyes always light up when they see me. They let me be me, but are always there to lend me their strength if I need it. They are honest men and they are not known to tell an untruth. Honesty is very important to both of them.

They are both very important to me.

I never went looking for these two wonderful men. I just found them. I like the fact that they allow me to be myself and do not attempt to put me on a pedestal or make me try to be something I am not. They accept that I am a warrior, and even though there are times they really would feel better if I stayed where it was safe, they do have faith in my abilities and my skills. They trust me enough to send me on scouting missions or let me lead my warriors into a battlefield. They trust in me and I trust in them.

The three of us work as a team in so many areas of our lives and to me, they are my perfect romantic partners.

Words: 425
Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: "King Arthur" Movies and Mythologies


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