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Daughter of Merlin, Queen Of Briton

My Heart And Soul Is Shared By Two

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Name:Guinevere Castus-DuLac
Birthdate:Oct 11

Banner courtesy of nofate301.

My name is Guinevere of the isle of Briton. I am the daughter of Merlin, and an archer in the Celtic tribe of peoples. No, I do not know why a certain famous producer called us "Woads". Woad is the name of the coloring we use to camouflage ourselves among the trees.

I have strong feelings about things like honor and freedom. Loyalty also means a great deal to me.

I am in love with two very good men, and loved by the same two men. I would do anything I had to do to protect them.

I have made friends amongst Arthur's Knights of the Round Table and I have wept when any have fallen.

I am not a weak lady who must be sheltered and protected from the real world. I fight for the things I believe in.

I am Guinevere.

Long Ago,
Your name a shadow, in my dreams,
The white brave still searching
Raining Winds, fall apart,
I believe your heart

Tell me now, what you see
Tell me what you feel
Now you're here, tell me

Tell me now, what you know, never let me go
Tell me now, what you see

Who Cries from the hill?
The mist creeps from your eyes,
Your banner will promise,
Let's remember the start
I believe in your heart

Tell me now, what you know
Never let me go
Tell me what you see
Tell me now what you see

Tell me what you feel
Now you're here, tell me
Tell me now, what you know
Please never let me go
Tell me now, what you see

~Maire Brennan~

Important Stuff To Know:

Fandom:"King Arthur; Misc. Movies and Mythologies

DISCLAIMER!!! This is a journal for the community writing project writers_muses. I am neither Guinevere, nor am I Keira Knightley. Move along. Also, this journal will probably include spoilers from the movie "King Arthur", but the mun is blending the movie with the legends as well. However, Guinevere is being played as having the love of both Arthur and Lancelot, and they in turn love her. *grins* I have long had my own ideas about how the triangle should be handled, and in my world, the three of them love each other very much and there is no negative thoughts associated with this. There was never any betrayal of Arthur in this world, nor were there any outside influences that causes problems between Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot. In this world, Guinevere remained in love with them and faithful to the two of them until the day she died.
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