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Guinevere sat on the highest of the walls and looked down out over the forest. Her hip was still on fire, but she hadn't wanted to go to one of the healers and be faced with them summoning Arthur or Lancelot. She wasn't prepared to deal with the anger again from the two of them. The look from Lancelot and the things Arthur had said to her had made the wound in her heart even deeper. Instead of responding to the hurtful and unkind things Arthur had said to her, she had let him walk away, not letting the tears fall until all of the knights were gone. She had no right to call him back, no right to argue his words. Maybe they were both right about her.

She needed someone to talk to, to confide in, but she couldn't seek out Arthur, obviously. She had already caused him enough pain. From the way she saw things in the meeting, Lancelot wouldn't want to see her right now, and much as she loved him like a brother, his first loyalty would always be to Arthur and the knights, and she could respect that. In fact, she wouldn't have it any other way. She didn't think Galahad would even want to talk to her...and she definitely couldn't go to Vanora. She thought briefly of seeking out Evelyn, but she was very much focused on trying to find a way to get her and her husband back to their own time. She wasn't sure she could send for her father and confide in him as his disappointment in failing in her duty as first woman of their people would be the final blade in her heart.

She was very much alone right now. She didn't think she had felt so alone since the time she had to decide if her love for Lancelot or her duty to the kingdom meant more to her.

That time...that time she had chosen love...and look at the tension it had caused between her and those she loved. Again, she had thought that she was doing something to help and it had almost gotten Lancelot killed.

Guinevere shook her head and leaned on the wall. The night was chilly, but she didn't want to return to her rooms and get changed into something besides the bloody battle leathers she was wearing. Arthur would be in his study and she just couldn't deal with more hurt from him right now---especially since she knew she deserved his anger. She would just storm in and confront him and...make things worse. There were reasons she was a warrior and not a healer. She would only end up hurting him more and she couldn't bear to do that, not to Arthur. The last thing she had ever wanted to was hurt Arthur...or make him feel that she didn't want to be with him. She loved him so much and to know that she had made him feel alone...that made her ill.

She hung her head and tried to make sense out of everything that had happened in the last few weeks.

She had never felt more out of place here than she did now. )
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Guinevere was cranky.

No, she didn't know why, well okay, she did but she had no idea how on the green earth to fix what was causing her to feel this way.

She spent a long time riding her horse and talking to it as of late. She knew that Defiance couldn't give her advice on her problems, but it soothed her to have someone to tell all of her worries and troubles to.

She sighed and made her way to her room to get cleaned up.

She had spent the last week trying to work things out in her mind and she was no closer to a solution than she had been before that.

After a long bath, Guinevere took one of the bottles of wine and made her way up to her favorite perch on the stone wall.

Perhaps wine and wind would help her find an answer.
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Guinevere was walking along the wall as she usually did when she was thinking.

The dinner had not gone as she had planned. She had hoped it would bring the three of them together, but instead it seemed to have caused an even deeper wedge between the three of them. That wasn't what she wanted.

She wanted things to be calm again, to be relaxed for them.

She lay her head against the stone.

What was going to happen to them?
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Guinevere was overseeing the preperations that she had hammered into the maids and other servants.

This dinner was to be something special for Lancelot and Arthur. It was going to be a special night for the three of them. The squires had firm instructions not to bother them unless it was absolutely necessary. They needed time alone together after everything that had happened. They needed a breather.

She had ordered fresh linens put on the huge bed and the wood of the table had been polished to a fine shine. There were so many different dishes of food that Guinevere didn't know how the cooks had managed it all. There were three place settings and plenty of wine and ale.

She had changed into a dress of burgundy that fell into soft waves at her feet and her hair was neatly braided.

After she was positive that everything was ready, Guinevere sat down to wait for the men she loved.
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True to her word, Guinevere had left right after Lancelot asked her to. She had some concern. What had happened to Tristan to make Lancelot worry about her safety should she apparoach him? Obviously, she had missed out on something while visiting with her father.

She had been travelling for only a few hours when her horse starting snorting and whipping her head from side to side. She slowed, looking around her. If Defiance was edgy, there was something wrong. She patted her mare's neck and tilted her face to the wind. She frowned.


There was blood on the wind and that didn't bode well for her friend or those tracking him.

She urged her horse to continue forward and it wasn't long before she came across the body. She slid from her horse and turned him over on her back.

"Oh Ancestors..." she whispered, bringing a hand to her mouth in dismay.

It was Charles, one of the men Lancelot had sent to track Tristan.

His throat had been cleanly slit...and there was no doubt that it was Tristan who had killed him. He always left his mark on the people he killed so it would be known.

Guinevere rocked back on her heels, worried and upset.

"Oh, Tristan...what has happened to you?"

With a heavy heart, she walked back to her horse and mounted. She had to find Damien and send him back to the fortress to alert Lancelot. Tristan was killing their own and she didn't know whom he would kill next.

She urged her horse into a canter and kept her eyes open for any sight of Damien...or of Tristan.

It was about an hour later that she found Damien. He was leaning against a tree and he wasn't moving. Fearing the worst, Guinevere dismounted and drew her sword. She moved closer.

"Damien?" she called softly, being very cautious. When he didn't answer her, but continued staring into the distance, she reached forward and smacked his cheek. His head whipped towards her, almost slicing his cheek open on her sword.

"My lady?" he asked in a strange voice. "What are you doing out here alone?"

She waved that question off. "Are you injured?"

"Injured?" He looked confused.

Guinevere looked into his eyes and sighed. Something had happened to scare Damien badly and his mind had retreated for now.

"Damien?" She waited for him to focus on her. "I need you to ride back to the garrison and talk to Lancelot. Tell him what happened to Charles. Tell him I am still on Tristan's trail and I need him." She waited until she was sure he was focusing all of his attention on her. "Do you understand what I'm telling you, Damien? I need Lancelot."

Damien nodded and got to his feet. "Tristan killed Charles and you need Lancelot because you are out here with him alone." He smiled, a childish smile. "Don't worry, my lady. Lancelot will keep you safe."

Guinevere shook her head as she watched Damien disappear into the trees. With her luck, Damien would get the message messed up and tell Lancelot that Tristan had killed her.

There was nothing to be done for it now. She had to find Tristan and Damien was the only one who could get word back to Lancelot. She mounted Defiance and urged her into a run.

Tristan was close, she could feel it.

Praying to her ancestors that she wasn't too late and that she wasn't going to become another victim of this weirdness that had taken ahold of Tristan, she continued on her way.

It was when she saw Tristan's hawk circling that she knew she had found them. She came to the edge of the trees and saw a woman standing by another copse of trees. Frowning, she watched as Tristan started walking unarmed into those trees. Guinevere melted back into the shadows and kept an eye on them---hoping that Lancelot would arrive soon.
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((OOC: There will be material of the NC-17 variety within the comments. If you don't like reading that kind of stuff, or it offends you, please don't read.))

After she watched Arthur walk away, Guinevere stood on the battlements looking out over the grounds and towards the distant forest. She stayed up there for a very long time, contemplating the situation and working things out in her own mind.

Lancelot was going to be used as bait for Gerard and his warriors. He was insisting on being bait and Arthur was trying to come up with a plan that would guarantee that Lancelot would safe at all times. The two men in her life were being torn apart inside.

She closed her eyes and was still as she felt the night air brush it's cool fingers along her face. She was powerless to help the men she loved and it was like a twisting blade in her chest.

Guinevere turned and made her way down from the battlements and to her room. She didn't want to intrude on Arthur and Lancelot. She shook her head at offers of food or anything else and she shut the door behind her.

Once she closed the door behind her, Guinevere breathed out a sigh as she lay her cloaks across a chair and went to stand by her window. She hugged her waist and shivered in the cool air. She watched the moon rise over the forest and contemplated what the next few days would bring to them all.

Lancelot would ride out of the gates tomorrow and who knew what would happen after that. She was terrified, but she had to fight that fear. She had to stay strong for Arthur.

Guinevere lowered her head and let more tears slip down her cheeks.

She hated this. She hated all of this.

She wanted peace and serenity for Arthur and for Lancelot. She wanted calm and prosperity for the people of Briton. This was a war that no one should have to fight. If it wasn't for Gerard...

If it wasn't for Gerard, none of this would be happening. Arthur and Lancelot would be safe and happy.

Guinevere sighed again.

It would kill her for anything happened to the two of them. It would kill Arthur if anything happened to Lancelot. It wouldn't matter that she was here to help him, Arthur would die without Lancelot. She moved a stray hair from her face. Although she knew that Arthur and Lancelot loved her and had claimed her as theirs, there was still the fact that they had a closer bond with each other than she had with either of them. This didn't upset her or make her jealous, it was just the way things were.

Saddened by the turn her thoughts were taking, Guinevere leaned against the wall by the window.

She loved both of them so much and she couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to either one of them. Right now, she wanted to run to Arthur's state room and be with them...

...but she did not move from her spot. She refused to intrude on the time that Arthur and Lancelot had together. She could hide here and pretend to be strong about this whole ordeal. She could hide her tears and her fear while she was behind this door. They deserved privacy before Lancelot had to take up his role as bait.

He would be gone in the morning...

Guinevere ran a hand through her hair and continued to stand there, staring out of her window.
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((OOC: This was supposed to be posted a few days ago, after Tristan and Lancelot returned from their ride, but medical foo caused it to be late. So this happens before Arthur returns.))

After Guinevere returned from her meeting with Gerard she had avoided everyone---including the one she most needed to see. For the longest time, she had sat up upon one of the highest parapets of the fortress. It was one of the few places that ony a handful of people within the walls could get to. Up ehre, she could watch people come and go.


Guinevere buried her face in her hands. Gerard was threatening Arthur and Lancelot and she didn't know how she was supposed to combat him. Gerard wouldn't just use weapons made of steel and wood and strength. He'd use the dark magics that he had been mastering since he had left the tribe. Thanks to her father, she herself was a master in one side of the magics. She had only dabbled in the dark arts. Those scared her and she hated to go anywhere near them. But to combat Gerard and protect those she loved...

After a very long time, Guinevere climbed down from the parapets. She went to the training area in the back of the stables. She bulled bales of straw and barrels out and arranged them around her. She made her way up to her rooms and retrieved a multitude of weaponry. When she came back down to the battlefield she had made, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

After focusing her breathing, Guinevere leapt into action, throwing knives and hatchets at her targets with deadly accuracy. At first, a few of the braver boys in the area engaged her in sparring, but after a few hours and more that a few serious cuts and bruises, they left the driven warrior to her workout. One of the squires thought it might be a good idea to go and fetch someone who would be able to approach the maid and not get killed in the process.

Gerard was threatening to harm the men she loved more than her own life.

"Kyah!" she screamed out as her sword tore into a target dummy.

She was vaguely aware of sweat streaming down her body. Her leathers began to stick to her as she continued to push herself.

Her past was promising to destroy her future.

She felt pains from her wounds, but soon they became a dull throbbing at the back of her mind as she focused on her work out.

Gerard was plotting with the enemy. He had made arrangements with the Saxons to attack Arthur and the Knights. He was trying to drive a wedge between the Britons and Arthur. He was going to harm Lancelot and Arthur.

Guinevere spun, throwing two small axes into a target with a cry that seemed to be torn from deep within her soul. She rolled from a crouch and let loose with two daggers from her wrists. When the sky opened up and rain started pouring down upon her, she didn't falter.

The woman pushed herself until her breathing was ragged and every muscle in her body ached. Still, she wouldn't stop the torture she was visiting upon herself.

Gerard. Gerard. Gerard.

She stabbed at the targets in front of her and then dropped her sword to use her fists as well.

He would take everything from her. He would make sure that she suffered the pain of knowing that it was he who had taken away her happiness. He wouldn't fight her men outright, but he would destroy them and everything that they had worked for.

Arthur. Lancelot.

She would die for them. She would kill for them. She would sell her soul for them.

Guinevere took up her pair of short swords and continued to stab at the targets as rained poured down and turned the ground into mud.

She pushed herself until her strength gave out and she dropped to her knees, still stabbing at the shredded target in front of her. The rain mixed with the sobs being torn from her as she continued to try to fight even from her knees.
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Somehow, Guinevere and Lancelot made it to his rooms. She sat him down on his bed and went to close his door, but not before sending for warm water and clean cloths. She leaned heavily against the door for a moment as her mind tried to race through the fog of pain that was threatening to consume her.

A Rider.

They had to send a rider to Arthur and the others. They needed to know what had happened. She and Lancelot...they needed to have him close by, just so they could make sure that he was unharmed. There was no way to know how many ambushes had been set up.

No, Arthur needed to come back so that they could take inventory of what was happening around them. She had to have both of them near her so she could see that they were alive. God, Arthur had to be alive. Please, do not let another ambush have been set up for Arthur.

She swallowed past the taste of blood in her mouth and moved back to Lancelot's side. This fight had taken a lot out of both of them. While part of her spirit had sung the bloodsong of her people once again, the other part of her had known that it was an encounter that niether she, nor Lancelot, were in prime fighting condition to deal with it.

She moved to Lancelot's side and silently began unfastening straps and undoing buckles to help him get out of his armour. As she helped divest him of his armour, she did her best to hide the sight of his back plate from him. It was smeared quite liberally with her blood and she did not want him to see it and become worried about her condition.


"In a moment," she said softly, taking off the rest of his armour.

"You're bleeding."

"As are you," she responded gently as she removed his gauntlets and frowned at the arrow wound and at the wounds on his shoulder and his upper arm.

Tears filled her eyes as she took in the hidden wounds he had sustained. She went to the door and opened it to allow the warm water to be brought into Lancelot's room. She had yet to meet her beloved's eyes with her own as she began to cut his shirt away.

After she stared at his chest and stomach for a long moment, she looked into his pain-filled eyes.

"We could have lost you," she whispered in a hoarse voice as she began to clean the blood off of his skin. Her touch was featherlight, but she knew that she was causing him pain, even if he didn't say so.

She kneeled on the floor at his side as her own strength started to give way. She looked him over as she continued to clean him up so Merlin would have an easier time attending to his wounds.

"Merlin will be here soon," she swallowed past the pain. "I will send a rider to Arthur to alert him and to call him back."

She tried not to lift her head because it tore at her throat and the pain from that was blinding. It made her want to just close her eyes and float away. She knew that Lancelot had heard what the Saxon had said on the battlefield. She knew it had caused him a moment of distraction where he was probably wounded again. She knew he had seen the wound at her throat and she couldn't read his eyes right now. If she could keep him focused more on his wounds and not hers, then he wouldn't be able to find out about any of the ones she was hiding from him.

She could do this. She could maintain self-control until her father got here. Then, she could slip away while all attention was on her beloved and deal with her own wounds and pain.

"Soon, love," she promised. "Soon."
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Guinevere carefully fixed her hair, before throwing down the brush and moving across the room to the door.  Lancelot had returned and she couldn't wait to see him.

She entered the courtyard and looked around expectantly, but he was nowhere to be seen. She smiled and sat down on one of the stone benches.  She knew her love.  He would be there very shortly.
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