Feb. 8th, 2007

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It's hard to write about my parents because I have very few memories of my mother. She died in battle with the Romans when I was very young. My father loved her deeply and apparently many of the People adored her. I am told that she had hair the colour of the evening sun and eyes the colour of the seas of Briton.They tell me she was brave and magical and very, very fierce when she was fighting for something she felt very strongly about. My father says that I look and act just like her.

Of course, others of the Tribes say that I am the perfect blend of both my father and my mother.

My father...

Ah, now he is someone that I could probably spend hours upon hours writing about.

My father is Merlin. He is a mystic and one of the most powerful leaders of the People. He is both wise man and warrior. He sees things that no one else does and is often the only one that can stay the weapons of our warriors. He is stubborn and obstinate when he decides to be, but he is indeed one of the wisest men that I have ever known.

Merlin and I have been known to bang heads on more than one occassion and it was through him that I first heard the tales of Arthur and his men. I did not really believe in the tales at first because to me they seemed spun of impossibilities. However, my father believed and that led to my own belief.

It was also my father that first spoke to me of my "destiny" where Briton and Arthur and Lancelot were concerned.

That would be the first time I hotly contested my father on what he had seen and what he was telling me my future held. No woman wants to be told that their future has been written for them -- even if it is by her respected and well-loved father.

Merlin is a powerful man and a loving father and he has taught me more than I can ever think to thank him for.

Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: King Arthur
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