Jan. 8th, 2007

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Guinevere had many thoughts of "What If" in her life these days.

What If...

She had never went too far away from the camp that day? She had been caught up in a fit of anger at both her father and the other elders who kept hounding her about her destiny and her duty to her people. If she hadn't got off in anger to hunt and spy, would she have still gotten captured by the Romans at some point?

What If...

She had never been captured by Marcus and fought him so defiantly? Would she still have been there on that day when Arthur and his men came through that area? If she had not been taken, would she have still crossed paths with them and find that their destinies were indeed as intermingled as she had been told by the elders?

What If...

The Saxons had never come and the battle for Badon Hill had never taken place? How many things would have turned out so very different -- well, besides the most obvious? Would Arthur and his men still have stayed if there was no threat to the people of Briton? Would they have just left as soon as they wanted to?

What If...

What If.

Muse: Guinevere
Fandom: King Arthur
Words: 209


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