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Guinevere was overseeing the preperations that she had hammered into the maids and other servants.

This dinner was to be something special for Lancelot and Arthur. It was going to be a special night for the three of them. The squires had firm instructions not to bother them unless it was absolutely necessary. They needed time alone together after everything that had happened. They needed a breather.

She had ordered fresh linens put on the huge bed and the wood of the table had been polished to a fine shine. There were so many different dishes of food that Guinevere didn't know how the cooks had managed it all. There were three place settings and plenty of wine and ale.

She had changed into a dress of burgundy that fell into soft waves at her feet and her hair was neatly braided.

After she was positive that everything was ready, Guinevere sat down to wait for the men she loved.

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Lancelot had been well into his watch for the evening when a young squire had found him and reported that Guinevere wanted to see both Arthur and himself. Lancelot was vaguely surprised, he hadn't seen much of Guinevere.

He excused himself from his watch and handed it off to someone else before he made for his room. Once there, he pulled open the door and slipped inside. His armour was discarded to one side and he was left in the black leather he loved so much.

With armour removed, he made his way to the rooms that Guinevere shared with Arthur. Without knocking, he opened the door and stepped inside. His dark eyes settled on Guinevere and a smile was given. "You're looking beautiful tonight."

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Arthur had had a medicus follow him around like a lost puppy for the last few days, ever since he'd got out of bed; sometimes, he found it exceedinlgy funny - others, not so much. He'd just finished dealing with someone's land problems when the little man started fluttering around him - and he'd never been so glad to see a squire in his life.

After the messenger had delivered his message and wandered off, Arthur turned to the little healer. "Look. Go bother someone else for now, alright? I don't care who put you up to this but I won't say a word if you just...go away. I'm sure the lady and Lancelot are perfectly capable of taking care of me."

And he watched, amused, as the medicus finally got the message and scampered off - and then he finally turned, making his way slowly towards his and Guinevere's rooms, wondering what it was all about - but glad to finally be able to have some time with the both of them together.

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"You just pushed a bureau across the door and you're wearing a dress. Can you really see me wanting to argue?" Lancelot asked with a lift of his eyebrow before he simply chuckled and glanced to Arthur. "What about you? Are you inclined to argue?"

Lancelot stepped in to drop a kiss on Guinevere's cheek before he made his way to the table. "This is impressive." He muse outloud as he took in the spread.

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"No, not inclined to argue at all," Arthur answered with a smile, kissing Guinevere's other cheek lightly. "I don't think I've ever argued with either of you about anything and actually won."

He slipped an arm around Guinevere's waist and tugged her along with him to stand by Lancelot's side and look at the arrangements she had made. "Looks very good indeed."

He smiled again, brushing his lips over Lancelot's cheek lightly as well by way of greeting. "Before we get started official, I'd like to ask you which one of you ordered that medicus to follow me around?" He questioned with a short laugh. "He's so scared of not doing so that I have to presume one of you did it."

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Lancelot grabbed a seat and muttered. "I would have done the same if I hadn't been busy doing.." He trailed off here and waved off the remainder of his sentence with his hand.

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"Thank you," Arthur murmured softly to Guinevere, kissing her lips lightly before moving behind Lancelot's chair, reaching around the tipping his head backwards so that he could catch Lancelot's as well. "And thank you too."

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Lancelot turned his eyes to Guinevere and cocked an eyebrow. "And what do you mean by that exactly?" He offered her a wry smirk as he leaned forward to pick up a glass of wine to take a slow sip.

He now rested his glass back against the table before he tipped his head to one side. "Where have you been?" Lancelot was curious and rather to the point with his concerns as shown by the way he asked his questions.

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"Indeed, love," Arthur added softly, reaching for his own glass and sipping, eyes on Guinevere. "You've been missed."

He was happier than he had been in a while; it was the first moment they'd really had together for such a long time - and there had never been anything he liked more than seeing them both together, in the same room. Since the first time he'd seen them like this (at peace with each other), it had been his greatest source of comfort.

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Lancelot nodded his head and said nothing more. He simply settled back into his chair and recovered a grape from the nearby bowl. He plucked it from the vine and rolled it in his fingers before he slid it into his mouth and chewed it slowly.

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"I hope that you now know," Arthur murmured softly, smiling gently at her. "I hope you found that peace. Your place if with us, Guinevere."

He cast his eyes around the table, smiling wider as he realised that all their favourite dishes were there. "Well, it's been a while since we've enjoyed some quiet time, hm?"

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Lancelot continued to listen in silence. He hadn't had much conversation in a while so he was unaccustomed to it. Arthur and Guinevere had always been better at making it than him. He leaned forward and picked up the glass of wine and leaned back to listen to them talk.

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Arthur smiled, taking another sip of wine as he sighed contently, basking in their presence. His hand unconsciously went up to rub lightly at the bandages still wrapped around his neck - the wound was starting to itch now that it was healing up, and he was constantly getting reprimanded by the little medicus that was following him around about touching it.

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Lancelot smirked lightly at Guinevere's attempt at speaking like a man. However the mirth of the moment was lost on him as he was well lost to the troubling thoughts circling his head. He wondered if he was the only one who felt uncomfortable and perhaps out of place in a way.

He sighed wearily and decided to confront the thoughts in his head. "It's been so long since we've been together that this feels ...strange." He glanced from Guinevere to Arthur and back again. "It feels awkward."

"Am I alone in that thought?" Lancelot asked as he slid his arms across his chest and rested back into his seat.

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"No," Arthur admitted, closing his eyes a little in resignation. "You're not alone in the thought, Lancelot."

He took another sip of his wine, swirling the contents in the glass lightly. "It really has been far too long and so much has happened since..." He shrugged. "But there's no better time to resolve this than the present, hm?"

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Lancelot listened to both Arthur and Guinevere. He nodded his head and then rose to his feet to slide his chair back under the table. "Do you think it's possible to get used to it when there's been so much time apart and so much has changed?"

He folded his arms across the top of the chair and rested his chin atop of them. "The only reason that this, we, worked so well is because we made sure we worked. Recently, I've felt like we just haven't been trying and we've just accepted that things won't change when obviously they have."

The leather of his shirt creaked slightly as Lancelot shifted his arms. "It's like we've gone on living our lives without each other and now that we have one another, we can't seem to fit."

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Arthur took to toying with the glass in his hands, turning it around and around - a habit of his when he was thinking over something seriously, when he didn't know what to say.

"I don't want to admit that things have changed, you're right," he answered slowly, looking up briefly at the two of them before looking back down at the table top again. "Things have changed. I don't want to admit it because I know I need you both here. Whether we fit perfectly or not, I don't - <>can't - work if you're not here - not now that I've had you both."

He realised what he was doing and put the cup down, pushing back his chair and walking slowly to the window, looking out at the activity below. "I admit I've been in the wrong - I know I've taken you both for granted, knowing - more like, hoping - you'll still be here whilst I...." He gestured outside to the people milling in the courtyards. "Whilst we were in Sarmatia...when you got back...during this latest episode...I should have made more of an effort to take some time off and spend it with you."

He turned back to them, offering an apologetic smile that was both asking for forgiveness and pleading for...something. "I know that now. I'm sorry - but believe me when I say that I do need you here. That I want us to work."

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Lancelot shook his head. "This isn't about words, this is about actions, and as far as I can tell - we are no further forward." He expelled a frustrated breath and released his iron like grip on his chair. "I think I'm going to get some air to clear my head. Perhaps we'll have better luck the next time we try this but truth be told, I'm growing weary of discussions."

The Sarmatian Knight nodded to both Arthur and Guinevere before he started in the direction of the door. Lancelot was tired of talking, damn tired of talking about his feelings. What he wouldn't give for a simple solution but with their relationship as it was, there didn't seem to be one.

Lancelot eased the door shut after himself before he made for the stables. A ride would help him considerably.

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"Lancelot - " Arthur almost snapped, shifting towards the other man - but too late. The door shut with an audible click, leaving a looming sense of...something inside him.

Which he indentified as loss moments later.

And then Arthur was torn. Lancelot outside and Guinevere, looking like the entire world had collapsed, inside. And, perhaps, it just had.

His fist against a stone wall - that was possibly not the best idea Arthur had ever had but it did help, a little, to take his mind off the confusion and anger and just plain hurt that he was feeling inside with something a little more tangible.

"Damn it," he murmured to himself, quieting his mind by telling it that Lancelot just needed some time alone. And, once he'd made sure Guinevere was alright, he'd find his way to the battlements to wait for Lancelot to come back.

There was that small, niggling part in his mind that told him that this was his fault - and he was mostly able to ignore it - but he couldn't seem to ignore the fact that this had all arisen from visits home. Lancelot's to Sarmatia. Guinevere's to her people. Arthur's...nowhere. And they had both come back, essentially, to him. Maybe it was his part of the thread that threatened to unwind them all.

He shook his head slightly as he turned back to Guinevere. His queen first. Then his knight, whenever he got back.

And then he'd see to himself.

He turned to Guinevere, holding his hand out to her comfortingly and waited for her to take it. "We'll work this out," he told her quietly, hating the way his own voice lacked confidence, hating the way it shook ever so slightly at the words. "You'll see. We'll work it out."

They had to. Because he knew he'd never survive seeing them split up. That he'd never survive having to choose - because he knew he couldn't.

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Arthur just held to her, not saying another word because he truly didn't know what to say. He ran his hand over her hair, trying to do what he could in his own shaken state.

"We won't give up, Guinevere," he told her gently. "We've just hit a rough patch. We can work through this - and we'll only be stronger for it."

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"No, you didn't, Guinevere. This would come up at one time or another...this just brought it to the surface. And, we both know Lancelot's not one to sit and bear with something. He just brought what we were all thinking to the surface. So that we can deal with it."

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